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“Excellent course. I would recommend to all IM residents (or anyone working in medicine really)!”

“You saved my bacon! Thank You!”

“Excellent course! Incredible help for studying for the RC. Thank you!”

“I would take the course again q 2-3 years as an IM update for CME credit. Amazing course.”

“Amazing course, wish I would have done that every single year during my IM residency!”

“I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to you and your team in putting together an absolutely comprehensive yet concise course material that did not require my searching for other resources. All my training and practice has been outside of Canada but I never felt particularly apprehensive about the entire process thanks to the easy to review slides and videos that were especially helpful for the OSCEs. Kudos to the entire team and wishing all of you continued success!”

“Hi Dr. McKenna, I just wanted to pass on a note of thanks. I wrote the RCE this year, and relied heavily on your course and the materials. The IMR course and those materials are amazingly so reliable and useful for preparing. Given the design of the exam – quite broad in subject matter, but fairly specific in the types of things you need to know – it was of huge assistance to have the course. The attention to detail, attention to updating for recent changes, responses to questions, online tutorials – all of these were so well thought-out. I know that’s a tonne of work, and that people would sign-up and pay regardless – because there is not really anything else on offer of a similar product, so I very much was appreciative for your efforts to make it exist and make it so good. Thank you.”

“Course pack + course + online lecture material = why I most likely passed this exam. Thanks for all the hard work you put in, this a world class type course. Merci encore!”

“This is a must – you would be crazy to skip this course!”

“I have to say the review course notes were all I read in the last few months before exam. Basically those two books helped me focus on important topics. So thank you very much for organizing this program. It is worth it.”

“I attended your IM review course this year and was successful in my RC exam. I wanted to say thank you for arranging such a useful course (and the material provided). Closer to the theory exam the review course books were my go to resource. For the OSCE, I found the videos very helpful as well.”

“This course is a MUST for every trainee in Internal Medicine in Canada.”

“Excellent review. It is challenging to present a summary of Internal Medicine residency in two days, but it was well organized and presented. Heard great reviews before coming and I was not disappointed.”

“The Review Manual was my go-to study guide. The videos online really helped me prepare for my oral exams.”

“Might come back in a couple of years to update my knowledge!”

“As an IMG and having done my MRCP many years ago, preparing for the IM exam was not easy, particularly for the fact that I live in a remote area and mainly practice as a cardiologist. I relied heavily on your course material especially the videos and without your course, it would have been extremely hard to prepare. I am writing to express my gratitude and thank you and your team for this great resource. I managed to pass!”