21 Jun 2021

IMR 2022 Online: IMR All-Stars

January 14-16, 2022

This is the 10-year anniversary of the Internal Medicine Review course! It started as a small conference of only 100 attendees in 2013 and has since gone on to educate over 5,000 residents in Internal Medicine in Canada!

To celebrate we are bringing back our ALL-STARS – some of the highest rated speakers in each subspecialty from over the years. We promise to deliver the same high-yield content as always, and provide vital study tools for you below on our online platform.

What will IMR 2022 Include?

IMR 2022 will include comprehensive updates in General Internal Medicine and its subspecialties, geared towards IM residents studying for their final Canadian licensing exams.

We had hoped to return to in-person conference format by 2022 but given the current pandemic situation and feedback from our 2021 respondents, we are again conducting the 2022 review virtually. But this is not your average “Zoom meeting”! We have engaged an AV production company and broadcast live from a studio to ensure you get the best quality live-stream experience.

What will IMR2021 Look Like?

  • We will live stream + record our speakers the weekend of Jan 14-16, 2022. The only way to see our lectures is to register for IMR 2022 – lectures will be securely broadcast with unique passwords and identity verification for all participants. Recorded Lectures will be available for repeat broadcast to facilitate self-study until June 30, 2022.
  • We will produce the course manual as usual and ship the volumes to your home address during the 1st week of January, to arrive in time for our Jan 14th broadcast. The only way to access our course notes is by signing up for the Review course!
  • Our other online content including Self Study tutorials on Quality Improvement, ECGs, PFTs, Clinical Epidemiology and more will remain live on the site for your learning.
  • Physical Exam and Mock Oral Exam videos will remain online. We plan to add some videos to the database for 2022.
  • Speaker Q&A – during our livestream you will have the ability to post questions to our speaker, and we will also take questions in follow-up to our course email. We always post a “FAQ By Specialty” to the website by Late February, in plenty of time for Spring 2022 Examinations.

How do I sign up?

Online registration for IMR 2022 will begin August 28, 2021 – please REGISTER to take advantage of our online study materials early!

TIPS for a successful course review:

Attending an online conference means you need to BLOCK TIME to listen and tune in. While it is tempting to watch the lectures while doing laundry or pilates (or worse – while on call…), the best bang for your buck is to request the weekend off, hole up with a secure wifi connection, and attend as if in person. Zone in and engage in our live polls, speaker Q&A, and even interact with each other!

Remember that all lectures will be live streamed on Eastern Standard Time (see our ITINERARY) – an early start for the BC attendees, but at least you don’t have to fly into Toronto this year!