16 Jul 2020

IMR 2021 will be held VIRTUALLY the weekend of January 15-17, 2021!

Thank you for your patience – we have made the difficult decision to host the IMR2021 conference ONLINE in January in light of the ongoing COVID pandemic. We want to be responsible and although many of you have requested an in-person programme, we do not feel that the COVID situation by January will allow for safe cross-country travel of hundreds of physicians and the close quarters of a lecture hall.

What will IMR2021 Look Like?

  • We will live stream + record our speakers the weekend of Jan 15-17, 2021. The only way to see our lectures is to register for the 2021 IMReview – lectures will be securely broadcast with unique passwords and identity verification for all participants. Recorded Lectures will be available for repeat broadcast to facilitate self-study until June 30, 2021.
  • We will produce the course manual as usual and ship the volumes to your home address during the 1st week of January, to arrive in time for our Jan 15 broadcast. The only way to access our course notes is by signing up for the Review course!
  • Our other online content including Self Study tutorials on Quality Improvement, ECGs, PFTs, Clinical Epidemiology and more will remain live on the site for your learning.
  • Physical Exam and Mock Oral Exam videos will remain online. We plan to add some videos to the database for 2021 (COVID scenario, anyone? PPE station?).
  • Speaker Q&A – during our livestream you will have the ability to post questions to our speaker, and we will also take questions in follow-up to our course email. We always post a “FAQ By Specialty” to the website by Late February, in plenty of time for March 2021 Examinations.

How do I sign up?

Online registration for IMR 2021 will begin October 12, 2020 (Canadian Thanksgiving!), recognizing that participants in IMR2020 are currently still using our site to study 2020 content to prepare for their COVID-Postponed Royal College Exams, and do not want to overwhelm our servers with 2021 registrants whilst they are still preparing!

HELP! I’m still Cramming for my September 2020 Exam!

If you are writing in September 2020, we have a limited number of 2020 Course Manuals still available and can ship them to you, in addition to providing you with access to our 2020 online study resources which include online lecture notes, Quality Improvement Primer, PFT Primer, Clinical Epidemiology and Radiology Self-Tests. Please email chair@internalmedicinereview.ca to make inquiries.