What is the Internal Medicine Review Course?

New General Internists designed this two-day course after surveying their colleagues for topics that were felt to be relevant and high-yield subject matter for Canadian Internal Medicine trainees preparing for spring exams in Internal Medicine.

Note – this course is not specifically designed for the new Canadian PGY5 “General Internal Medicine” SUBspecialty written exam offered in the Fall after PGY5 GIM training. The program is highest yield for the PGY3/4 exam of 2020.

Who can attend this course?

The course is designed with Canadian PGY3 and PGY4 residents, fellows and IMGs in Internal Medicine and its subspecialties in mind. However, PGY1s-2s will of course be welcomed. It is never too early to start preparing for your final examinations!

What topics are covered?

An overview of each aspect of Internal Medicine and its subspecialties will be undertaken by a FRCPC General Internist or fellow in that area of study. Obstetrical Medicine, Neurology, Clinical Epidemiology and Imaging will also be covered, as these are core competencies in Internal Medicine.

Given the vastness of each topic, newly minted graduates of internal medicine were surveyed for input on high-yield aspects of each area of study as a means of focusing the course curriculum.

We also help prepare you for your oral exam experience. There are mock oral scenarios and over 50 physical examination videos online for your self-study. These videos are designed to refresh learners about our anatomy and the test characteristics of various physical exam maneuvers.

There will be a new set of 2020 physical exam videos added to the website in November. Only those participating in the course will have access to these videos and the videos from previous years.

When is IMR taking place in 2020?

January 11-12, 2020.

Where is IMR taking place in 2020?

At the York Mills Gallery. See the Location page for more information.

Does IMR offer anything for people who can’t attend the course?

Yes. In addition to our live course, we offer an online-only version. Click here for more details.

How do I register?

Click here to register for the 2020 course.

Can you suggest additional reading or preparation?

We have created a Resources page which includes supplemental reading and helpful links.

Why should I take the live course if I can study the selected course online?

The Online materials do provide the lecture content (slides) but not the valued dynamic audio of our speakers. Their live lectures are not recorded. Our live lectures are interactive with live polling and there are opportunities to ask questions of the speakers. 99% of course respondents in 2019 would recommend taking the live course again to future Internal Medicine Trainees. For those unable to attend the program in Toronto due to travel and other restrictions however, the online videos (mock scenarios and physical exams) and course notes have proven to be invaluable.

What if I need to cancel? Can I get a refund?

Refunds less an administrative fee are obtainable up to January 1, 2020. After this date our program is non-refundable. Most registrants, if unable to attend the course as the January 1 deadline approaches, opt to switch their registration to “Online-Only” so they can still access course materials.

I am a Family Physician - is this update right for me?

While our course has been taken by several allied health, such as physician assistants and MDs who are not internists, the program is targeted and highest yield for those studying for IM fellowship exams. The pace of the program is faster than most general IM conferences for this reason. While we do cover all major guideline updates, a more general program such as the McMaster IM Update may be right for you.

I already have my Royal College designation and intend to attend your program for my own general learning. Is your course accredited under Section 1 MOC Program?

As nearly 100% of our course attendees are in training, we have not applied for the MOC accreditation in 2020. Your course can still be logged as CME under Section 1, but would be at 0.5 credit/hours.