03 Mar 2020

CCS 2020 Heart Failure Guideline Update

Hi everyone!

We know it is CRUNCH time – best wishes with your studying in the coming weeks!

Just to let you guys know – CCS has snuck in a CHF Guideline Update published online in February. We summarize it in the updated Cardiology FAQ document and the guideline itself can be found in our Guidelines Repository or directly at this link, if you want to review.

Key points are regarding SGLT2 inhibitors in patients with diabetes and CHF and CVD risk factors – see PDF for details. For those of you who attended IMR 2020 you will recall that we spoke about SGLT2 Inhibitor evidence and stressed that they were standard of care in OMT for diabetes with CHF although not yet in guidelines. Now the guidelines reflect this evidence and our teaching/preaching at the course, and we think the new recommendations are ‘fair game’ as all the trials for which guideline update based are widely adopted into clinical practice already.

Happily we have just reviewed the following sites and are grateful that there are NO updates:

  • Cndn Preventive Services Task force – no new guidelines.
  • IDSA – no new guidelines.
  • osteoporosis.ca – no new guidelines.
  • CTS / Canadian respiratory – no new guidelines.
  • diabetes.ca – no new guidelines.
  • hypertension.ca – no new guidelines. There is a very confusing DRAFT slide deck on their website under professional resources that says 2020 Hypertension – we have communicated with the ‘brass’ at hypertension Canada who say this document is not prime time yet.
  • CAG Gastroenterology – no new guidelines.
  • ASH hematology.org – no updates.

BEST WISHES to all of you – we know you will do well on your upcoming written exam and look forward to hearing your success stories soon!

Dr. McKenna, Stacey and the IMR 2020 Team